From Fur to Feathers LLC presents…

Welcome to Leave it to Liz Pet Care. We offer Doggie Daycare, Boarding, and other care services where your pets are our family and our home is your pets second home!

At Leave it to Liz your pets get to stay in a family home setting where they are fully monitored, socialized, and adored! Whether your pets are allowed on the furniture or not, they can find a comfy place to rest without being isolated.

Are you worried about where you pets will sleep? Not to worry, we have crates for dogs that need them, plenty of dog beds throughout the home, and of course there’s always the human beds complete with snuggle companions!

What about playtime?! Our location offers up to 3 acres of outdoor play space! For now we also have playtime in my home, but our new and more open indoor play space is coming soon. We have a small fenced area for quick in’s and outs that has artificial grass to eliminate the mess component of mud season and poor weather days. There is a child’s swing set that the pups love to climb in more than the kids, a trampoline that we can’t keep some of the pups out of, and plenty of balls and other toys to play with to their hearts content.

All of your pups will also undergo remote collar, boundary, and recall training while they are with us. This starts with your pup learning how the remote collar works, and what it means. Then, we take it a step further and pair it with a 30 foot lead while we learn and work the property boundaries, and what is considered safe play vs inappropriate play to keep everyone safe. Once they have gotten through these steps, they will eventually earn the ability to have free run with the pack. Free run allows them to run loose in the yard wearing their remote collar for ‘just in case”. They interact with all any of the other pups they choose, investigate the yard, and engage with the play space unhindered.

I strongly encourage you to take a moment and view our media gallery to watch some of the free run videos. There is something about the joy you can see in the dogs faces when they can run unhindered by fences, leashes, and small spaces! Not to mention less chance of injuring themselves by stopping abruptly, or making tight turns.

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